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Sara Clement

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Strong foundation in photography, equally balanced between being technically proficient, as well as being creatively expressive. Strives to make portrait and wedding subjects feel at ease, photograph the absolute best that they can, while still managing to capture their personality. Wedding pricing is on a unique a la carte system derived from trial and error and personal experience.


Berkshire Community College -  1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201

May 2004 – August 2004 

      Photography II B&W Photography Class

      Class first taken in 1998, decided to retake as a refresher course – Class focused on B&W photography taken with a manual 35mm camera. Film was hand processed and then hand printed in a B&W darkroom on enlargers. F stops, shutter speeds, proper focus, exposure, composition, etc. were discussed

New England School of Photography – 537 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

October 1998 – May 2000

      Professional Photography Two Year Accredited Program Diploma

      Advertising/Commercial Major; Portraiture/Wedding Minor – An intensive two year program from an accredited institution, with a major focusing on large format (4x5) studio camera techniques with strobe lighting and still life setups utilizing 4x5 sheet chromes as well as B&W and color negatives of the same size, Polaroid’s, etc; and a minor focusing on both outdoor as well as indoor studio portrait techniques, in addition to wedding photography. Other photographic areas of study over a period of two years, were digital editing/restoration, fashion photography, small, medium and large format photography, B&W negative development and printing, color printing, slide film usage, photography theory, explanation of chemistry and the science of photography, creative exercises, history of photography, business classes, the Zone System, flash photography, photojournalism, copy work, editorial, etc.

Berkshire Community College -  1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201

May 1997- August 1998 

      Associates Degree in Selected Studies

      Focus on Photography – Attended introductory classes in B&W photography (I and II) and conducted an independent study which concluded in a solo exhibition of 15 hand printed B&W photographs

Catawba College - 2300 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

August 1995 – May 1997 

      N/A - transferred

      Concentration in Theatre and Music Studies

Teaching Experience

Boy Scouts of America Photography Merit Badge Counselor – Becket, MA 01223 and Pittsfield, MA 01201, varying locations

January 2004 –August 2004


      Following guidelines set forth by the Boy Scouts of America, oversaw the study of photography in relation to the Boy Scouts of America’s Merit Badge program. Created a syllabus and a course of study designed to meet the badge requirements. Multiple classes took place over a time period of over six months, usually either weekly or bi-weekly. The history of photography was covered, as was the varying occupations in the field of photography. Multiple library training material videos were watched and discussed, and magazine photographs were analyzed and explained. Photography basics such as the difference between digital and film capture were covered, as were fundamentals such as F stops, shutter speeds, ASA/ISO ratings, depth of field, focus, exposure, lighting, B&W vs. color, digital editing techniques, portfolio building, rule of thirds, composition, etc. Field trips included an excursion to Sears Portrait Studio where the Boy Scouts were given a studio tour and explanation of the procedures and facilities, as well as having their own photos taken. Another field trip was visiting the studio of a professional portrait/wedding photographer and being allowed to take digital photos of one another and view them immediately on a television screen. The final project of the class was to take a photo essay, and show a storyline in a grouping of photos. Photography techniques as well as editing and photograph placement and final presentation were all key factors in determining a pass/fail grade and merit badge award, as was an overall comprehension of the techniques discussed overall throughout the course.

Employment History in regards to Photography

Wedding/Portrait Photographer

1997 – Present  Freelance/Self Employed – Varying locations in Massachusetts, primarily in Pittsfield, MA 01201

      Hired to photograph or occasionally assist with the photography of over twenty weddings. All aspects of wedding photography have been explored, including photographing the following wedding day events: getting ready photos, ceremony, receiving line, formals, reception, etc. All different lighting, weather and shooting conditions have been experienced, and traveling and location changes have also occurred. Ceremony rehearsals are often photographed. Multiple meetings with the client are also usually scheduled. The photographer takes into account each job’s specific circumstances before deciding on a fee, and usually charges with an a la carte pricing system. High resolution CD’s or DVD’s with full copyright release is usually what is given, with the option of prints, depending on the job. Usually the photos are edited, basically color corrected and the formals are digitally retouched, all of this being contingent on whatever agreement the photographer has made with the client prior to the day of their event.

      Also specializes in other types of portraiture, including but not limited to: band photography, actor/musician headshots, boudoir photography, pet photography, etc.

      Personal photo projects are also constantly being undertaken.

Lab Technician/Sales Associate/Assistant Manager

August 2004 – April 2009  Ritz Camera Centers – Berkshire Mall, Rte.8 & Old State Road, Lanesboro, MA 01237

      Responsible for camera sales and other miscellaneous photo equipment sales; calling in special orders; performing district and company wide searches for stock; performing ongoing online, literary and practical research and training in regards to new photographic technology; etc. Heavy emphasis was placed on excellent customer service skills. Solely responsible for the maintenance of current product line guides and photographic equipment literature, as well as technical research on photographic equipment and technology. Frequently met sales goals, as well as consistently performed in the top five or ten out of approximately eighty associates in district in relation to certain sales objectives. Received plaques and certification for various online training completed.

      Performed various lab duties such as, but not limited to: starting up and shutting down the film processor and digital printer; processed film, scanned negatives, prints and slides; uploaded and exported digital files; color corrected and performed necessary editing on images; made prints and burned CD’s; performed strict quality control; intricate knowledge of photographic and digital imaging post production editing software such as Adobe Photoshop; performed extensive restoration work; etc.

      Knowledge and performance of opening and closing procedures; key holder; operation of cash registers; bank deposit drop off; cleaning of store and maintenance of store appearance; unpacking shipment; filling out repair forms; readying packages for FedEx and UPS pickup; tracking sales goals, progress and current store standing in relation to district and company ranking; etc. Also was responsible for training new associates on the aforementioned procedures.

Photographer/Sales Associate

October 2003 – January 2006  Sears Portrait Studio, aka CPI Corporation – Berkshire Mall, Rte. 8 & Old State Road, Lanesboro, MA 01237

      Responsible for photographing all age groups, including infants up to the elderly. Photographed individuals as well as groups of people varying in size and age range, up to twenty five people. Possessed knowledge of posing, prop and subject placement, background changes, group formations, senior portrait techniques, minor lighting, lens focal length changes, and photo editing, camera focus, etc.

      Responsible for opening and closing procedures, deposit drop off, daily opening and closing paperwork, up selling products, reaching sales goals, operating cash registers, customer service, scheduling appointments, cleaning studio, training of new associates, team work with other associates, etc.

      Flexibility regarding work flow was crucial, due to the nature of the employment. During busy season, associate was required to work in an extremely fast paced environment, and was required to adhere to strict time guidelines in regards to portrait sessions, at times photographing dozens of subjects a day, whilst maintaining strict standards of work excellence and requirements. Associate completed three separate levels of training over a period of a few months. This training required literary and practical study of photographic technique, as well as the submission of numerous photographic sessions for review. The associate received a pay level raise upon the completion of this training


Lab Technician/Associate

January 1999 – July 2003  Motophoto Photo Lab - 739 Beacon Street, Newton, MA 02459

      Responsibilities included: taking orders, processing film, cutting negatives, printing and color correcting photographs, machine chemical maintenance and replenishment, sorting and boxing orders, readying orders, quality control, color correction, manual spot toning, digital scanning, editing and  restoration using programs such Adobe Photoshop, burning CD’s, etc.

      Customer service was paramount, operated a cash register and rang up customers, completed end of day paperwork, closed the store, calculated the deposit, key holder, etc.

Intern/Photo Assistant

Jan. 2001 – August 2003  Bill Horsman Photography – 535 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118

      Responsibilities included being on call and working on a “as needed” schedule, sorting, labeling & filing photographs, slides and negatives; setting up/carrying lighting equipment; cleaning/setting up studio; filling out Fed Ex forms, readying orders, performing miscellaneous in studio tasks, model preparation, etc.

      Also assisted on occasional on location photographic shoots, which included readying the set/models/subjects/etc., setting up lighting and camera equipment; carrying equipment, etc.

Other Experience

I am extremely knowledgeable in Photographic editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Nikon Capture Editor, Tone Up S3, Nikon Picture Project, FastOne Image Viewer, etc. and therefore would be a quick learner with most computer software programs when need be. I have constructed multiple websites of my own following preset guidelines by websites such as and Over a period of almost ten years I have been restoring my old family photos and have created a website dedicated the fruits of this labor. I also type between 74-82 WPM with an average accuracy of 95% from either dictation or document transcription. I am extremely detail oriented and organized, can multitask, and my customer service skills have been widely recognized at every place that I’ve been employed at, by my employers as well as by my clients and customers. I am independent and am a constant learner. I think it is important to do my best to constantly stay informed on topics that are directly relevant to my field of employment.


References and letters of recommendation available upon request.